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About Us

Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2011, a Direct Selling / Party Plan Company selling wooden toys, educational games and puzzles for children of all ages. After many months of research we soon realized quality wooden toys were hard to obtain in the mainstream and discovered there was a gap in the market. "A niche", which we wanted to fill by offering a service selling quality wooden toys to parents. As a parent we understand that shopping with children isn't always easy. Direct selling via in house demonstrations was a better alternative for parents with busy lifestyles.
After 12 months in business Bright Bugs expanded their wooden toy range and added a selection of educational games and puzzles to suit children of all ages. Bright Bugs began recruiting Sales Consultants Australia wide who sell via in house demonstrations and through fundraising events at pre-schools, kindergartens, childcare and schools. We understand that many customers thoughts and experience with "Party Plan" does not always sit well. Bright Bugs was soon promoted as the "Mobile Toy Shop", offering a similar reward system with short relaxed product demonstrations, "the toys basically sell themselves", and most importantly no pyramid selling.
Over the years our extensive research in the market place has enabled Bright Bugs to successfully build a vast number of best selling quality children's products that are practical, fun and educational. Many have been carefully selected with the help from school teachers, kindergarten teachers and mothers who's children have tested and loved their products. Why are Bright Bugs toys so popular? Bright Bugs wooden toys are made simple yet functional, a toy that does not have any resemblance to television programs those children may have watched, encouraging them to use their own imagination. Child’s play with wooden toys is very open ended; the story stretches as far as the child’s creativity and imagination. We believes it is important to provide toys for our children that will of course entertain, but while our children are playing it is imperative that they are developing all of the important foundations for learning.
Bright Bugs head office and warehouse is now located in Queensland where we operate from, stocking many wonderful unique children's toys ready to be dispatched. Take a look at the online catalogue and you will find it full of fantastic children's toys, a real alternative to the mainstream.

We offer Party Plan Australia wide. For all inquiries please contact Ann Rayner via email at or
Phone: 0409 792 968
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