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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 1 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 2 Hostess Rewards Examples 10 in FREE products from total sales Total Sales 300.00 Total Sales 500.00 Total Sales 1000.00 Total Sales 2000.00 30.00 Order Discount Free Products 50.00 Order Discount Free Products 100.00 Order Discount Free Products 200.00 Order Discount Free Products 1 x Booking 2 x Bookings 3 x Bookings One 25 off item up to the value of 30.00 One 35 off item up to the value of 50.00 Any one item from the catalogue at 50 Discount Fundraising Rewards Examples 10 in FREE products from total sales Total Sales 300.00 Total Sales 500.00 Total Sales 1000.00 Total Sales 2000.00 30.00 Order Discount Free Products 50.00 Order Discount Free Products 100.00 Order Discount Free Products 200.00 Order Discount Free Products Once Sales reach 450.00 Once Sales reach 650.00 Once Sales reach 950.00 One 25 off item up to the value of 30.00 One 35 off item up to the value of 50.00 Any one item from the catalogue at 50 Discount Bright Bugs Australia sells a beautiful range of high quality unique childrens toys and accessories from around the globe. We offer a real alternative to the mainstream products you can find at your local shopping centre. A Mobile Toy Shop we come to you where you will get to see our lovely range of childrens products before you buy. Enjoy personalised leisurely shopping at home over a coffee and chat with friends and receive some great hostess rewards Our aim is to make shopping fun and relaxing in the comfort of your home. Your Sales Consultant is Phone Email Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Head Office P.O Box 436 Emerald VICTORIA 3782 Lee Brouwers - Director Phone 0418 535 545 Email www.facebook.combrightbugs ABN 62 778 516 829 Minimum sales of 295 apply to receive hostess rewards and booking rewards Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 3 Customerfeedback I am happy to do some Christmas shopping and some birthday shopping as the products are lovely and the quality is great. Its something I would not usually see if I was in a shop as it would be taken over by Transformers or Barbie toys and Im happy that Im contributing to fun and learning at the same time for a reasonable price. SalesConsultantfeedback - I get a great sense of satisfaction that I can bring quality toys and products into the lives of families. - The products are a joy to sell as they are innovative and amazing quality and at prices that everyone can enjoy. - I have been impressed with the products procedures and support of Bright Bugs management and enjoy being a Bright Bugs consultant immensely. - I love the fact that I can actually work my own hours while having absolutely NO pressure to recruit people or to meet x amount of sales per week. - I was really excited to get positive feedback from the guests as to the quality of the products I am selling from my very first party I held. This just supports me in knowing that I have made the right decision to sell the Bright Bugs products. Learning through play A beautiful range of fun educational toys and games for children Ive decided we spend too much anyway so why not just buy something that is different but quality and will be appreciated for what it is not because it has Spiderman on the side of it. Thanks for making life easier for me. Annette - QLD Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 4 Large Bell Rattles These gorgeous wooden rattles comes with a bell inside perfect for little hands to grasp shake and roll around. A beautiful gift idea for baby. Box Size 10cm x 12cm Age 3 months 50395 Blue Bell Rattle 50396 Pink Bell Rattle Smiley Face Ball Rattles Easy for little hands to grasp. Consists of 4 different coloured balls inside. Size 5cm x 5cm Age 3 months NG22041-B Boy NG22041-G Girl Small Bead Coaster Size Height 12.5cm x 9cm Diameter Age 12 months CL097-B for Boy CL097-G for Girl 10.95 Set of 2 12.95 each 12.95 each 16.95 Set of 2 Elephant Bead Frame Size Length 17cm x 15cm Height Age 12 months SMA010 Bar Bell Maracas Shake to make a rhythmic sound. Size 15cm length Age 12 months HT2405 Please Note Boy designs will be any colour except pink and purple. Girl designs will be any colour except blue 19.95 each Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 5 eac 39.95 each Jack in the Box Bolz traditional tin toys are designed in Germany and have been manufacturing toys since 1880. This classic toddler toy is great for little girls or boys. Simply crank the handle and the music starts to play. Suddenly the clown jumps out of the box. Push the Clown back down and crank the handle to lock him in. The tune in the musical box a childs favourite Old MacDonald had a farm Size Music Box 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 14cm JITB 34.95 each Tin Tea Set 15 piece set. Presented in a lovely box with display window. Box Size 30cm x 20cm x 10cm GH41014 Presented in a handy mesh storage bag. Soup Pot Size 14cm H x 11cm W CH2003C Stainless Steel Cooking Set Kids will have a great time pretending to cook with their own 13 piece cooking set. The set consists of a stock pot and casserole pot with lids 2 saucepans frying pan whisk 2 wooden spoons measuring spoons and oven mitts. Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 6 26.95 set Tooth Fairy Organiser Set 4 piece set Give your childs baby teeth a home in your family photo albums and scrapbooks. Specially designed to be light weight our Baby Tooth Organiser also comes with our very own Baby Tooth Chart to help you monitor your childs developing smile and write special notes and dates for each tooth loss event. Also includes your childs very own whimsical tooth fairy door hanger made from durable plastic and a satin tooth fairy pouch to leave under their pillow. The Baby Tooth Organiser Protects precious baby teeth. Keeps baby teeth organised. Fits in photo albums and scrapbooks. Packaged with Baby Tooth Chart Is easy to store anywhere. Is great for keepsake boxes. Makes a great gift. Developed by a Dentist-Dad. 19.95 each Number Puzzle Help your child learn to count consisting of ten chunky wooden puzzle pieces each decorated with both a colourful number and appropriate images to aid numeracy skills. Wooden tray size 32cm x 14cm x 2cm Age 3 80502 TFSET Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 7 32.95 each 39.95 each Bee Music Set Includes one wooden bee castanet plus two matching large wooden bee maracas that comes nicely boxed. Age 3 BEEMUS 19.95 each Xylophone Size 31cm x 24cm Age 18 months 58771B 14.95 each Mini Owl Music Set These cute little unisex musical toys are beautifully decorated. Both the maraca and bell stick have a lovely gentle sound. Age 2 MI073G Magnetic Activity Case This entry level activity case is great value. It features a wooden carry case with blackboard on one side. Open the latch clips to reveal a double sided magnetised whiteboard. Inside are a marker and 65 wooden magnetised letters and numbers. Perfect for travel play. Size Case 26cm x 30cm Age 3 KD2022 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 8 Floor Tactile Puzzle 20 piece Large Jumbo Touch and Feel Puzzle A beautiful quality Djeco Educational puzzle touch and feel each animal in this giant puzzle has a tactile insert for children to explore. The animals are also inserts within the larger puzzle pieces and can be removed for further play. Children will be able to explore and feel the chicken feathers the woolly sheep the bunnys fluffy tummy etc. The colourful high gloss images are printed onto durable 2.5mm card-stock. The 20 puzzle pieces are chunky and over-sized and are packaged in a lovely re-usable glossy storage box. Puzzle Size 70cm x 50cm Age 3 to 5 years DJ7117 Playschool Stacking Blocks Beautiful quality stacking cubes 10 colourful cubes that are perfect for nesting stacking building and counting for babies and toddlers. Each cube features vibrant high gloss images on five sides learn numbers counting letters colours and shapes. This classic childrens toy comes beautifully packaged in a re-usable storage box and makes a lovely gift idea for any young child. Large Cube 15cm x 15cm x 15cm Stacking Height 90cm Tall. Age 12 months to 3 years BBPLSCH 34.95 set 44.95 each Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 9 Geoform Magnetic Box Set Geoform boxed set comes beautifully packaged in a solid wooden carry case that opens up to a magnetic board where you can create from the 24 card designs or anything you can imagine using the 42 coloured wooden magnetic shapes. Have fun learning about shapes colours coordination and pattern recognition with this wonderful Geoform Magnetic Box Set. The carry case makes it an ideal toy for travelling as the case is magnetic on both sides so you dont lose any pieces. Case Size 30cm x 30cm Age 3 59687 Magnetic Fishing Boat This beautifully wooden fishing boat is ideal for your little ones fishing adventures. Comes complete with 2 magnetic fishing rods that can be removed from boat and 10 brightly coloured fish. Great toy for counting colour recognition and fine motor skills. Box Size 26cm x 10cm x 5cm Age 3 58522 24.95 each 32.95 each 59.95 each Magnetic Dinosaurs These wooden dinosaur fridge magnets consists of 20 pieces presented in a sturdy cardboard box with maqnetic closure. Box Size 20cm x 18cm 50289 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 10 Magnetic Animals These ever so cute wooden animal fridge magnets consists of 20 pieces presented in a sturdy wooden box with a sliding perspex lid for storage. Great fun for a child learning different animals whilst enhancing their fine motor skills during play. Box Size 21cm x 16cm 58923 24.95 each 22.95 each 22.95 each Magnetic Alphabet This alphabet set consists of 52 pieces 26 Upper Case and 26 Lower Case. Children can learn to spell words. Box Size 15cm x 14cm ORT011 Magnetic Numbers 30 individual number pieces plus addition subtraction multiplication and equal pieces so children can make equations. Includes wooden storage box. with perspex sliding lid Box Size 16cm x 14cm 31484 36.95 each Wooden Building Blocks A great set of 50 brightly coloured and natural wooden blocks that will give hours of construction fun. There are many different shapes of block cylinders cubes rectangles triangles arches and many more. Age 3 59695 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 11 39.95 each 36.95 each 29.95 each Magnetic Alphabet Puzzle Book This beautiful illustrated wooden magnetic learning book is an ideal tool for little ones to learn their alphabet and words. Each alphabet A to Z provides a picture and name associated with the start of each letter. The alphabet and picture pieces are magnetic and display matching pictures underneath for easy matching ability word recognition and learning. Window Box Size 25cm x 15cm Age 2LBT022 Ring Toss Quoits Great Fun for all ages with this classic game. A solid wood base with a colour coded scoring system strong rope quoits for an easy throw this game will be a hit with all family members. Ring Quoits measures 16cm in diameter. Box Size 20cm x 43cm x 7cm Age 3 YD9734 Shape Sorter A beautiful quality shape sorting wooden toy for visual and physical skill building. Different 3D shapes can be posted on each side of the box including the lid. Box Size 20cm x 20cm Age 3 53569 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 12 14.95 each 34.95 Set 6 26.95 each Lacing Threading Beads Help your child develop their fine motor skills. Includes 90 brightly coloured wooden beads in various shapes and colours plus 5 strings for threading. Size Storage Tub 16cm x 15cm Age 3 58304 24.95 each Australian Raised Puzzle This 7 piece raised wooden puzzle is a great way to learn Australias geography The chunky pieces make it easy for children to grasp. Puzzle Size 30cm x 22cm Age 4 LBT018 Mini Vehicle Set This deluxe wooden vehicle set has been beautifully painted and crafted with rounded edges corners and wheels. They are the perfect size for little hands. Approx Vehicle Size 10cm x 5cm x 5cm Age 18 months 59621 Blackboard Laptop Toy Wooden blackboard laptop toy is a fantastic creation which finds a lovely balance between a modern everyday object and a traditional chalkboard toy. Blackboards have been used for generations and now available in a laptop style. This toy notebook has three chalk board surfaces and comes with six pieces of coloured chalk. Just like a real laptop it has hinges and closes. The chalk can be stored safely inside. Size 28cm x 21cm x 2cm Age 3 WT256 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 13 Doctor Playset This cute doctor playset set consists of 12 items. Included wooden stethoscope syringe ointment bottle thermometer pill jar with wooden pills tongue compressor plus bandages bandaids notepad pencil and doctor head piece. Presented in a tin carry case perfect for the little doctor on the go. Tin Case Size 19cm x 13cm Age 4 We recommend removing the small wooden pills HT2083 21.95 each 34.95 each 26.95 each Vehicles These wooden vehicles have rubber wheels are ideal for little ones to grasp fire engine has a movable ladder and dump truck has a tray that can be lifted up and down. Box Size 15cm x 12cm Age 3 Fire Truck WT251E Dump Truck WT251C Ice-cream Truck WT251F Train WT251K Green Tractor WT251J Geometric Block Sorter A fantastic learning toy Children will learn about different colours shapes matching and counting. Age 2 Box Size 37cm x 10cm 58558 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 14 14.95 Set 2 31.95 each Tool Box Your apprentice builder can practice their fine motor skills winding the nut and washers onto the assembly boards. Includes wooden box with carry handle saw ruler 2 hammers flat head screwdriver spanner pegs screws and washers. Box Size 14cm x 28cm Age 3 HU012 24.95 each 44.95 each Car Carrier Includes 4 cars and features a ramp that opens and closes. Drive the cars up close the ramp to complete the 2 levels of the carrier ready to transport. Box Size 40cm x 9cm x 10cm Age 2 WT253 14.95 each Owl Tooth Brush Timer Holder A clever wooden toy designed to encourage children to brush their teeth. It is also just cute This useful toy has an egg timer attached to it which lasts approx 3 minutes to help your little one to time how long to brush their teeth. There is also a holder on the back so they can store their brush when they have finished. Girl Set OWL01-G Boy Set OWL02-B You will receive 2 different colours. Boy sets will not receive pink. Large Wiggly Worm Each part of the toy is movable and held together with elastic so you can bend turn it and put it in all sorts of positions. Box Size 25cm Age 18 months LBT083 Stacking Rocket Blocks When all of the blocks are stacked together they form a rocket. This wooden toy is perfect for teaching both colours and shapes. Box Size 18cm x 10cm x 10cm Age 12 months NG22183 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 15 Nesting Dolls 5 sets of wooden nesting dolls that can be stacked inside each other. Size Tallest 15cm Age 3 Baboushka LL004 Pirate LL002 Fairy LL001 19.95 each 19.95 each 19.95 each 4 Puzzle Box Set Quality chunky wooden puzzle pieces. Each animal puzzle consists of 12 puzzle pieces that can be made up to a long puzzle. Each box contains 48 puzzle pieces with 4 different animal designs. Magnetic Closure Box. Size 22cm x 19cm x 4.5cm Age 3 to 6 years Jungle 59548A Farm 50069 Rooster Life Cycle Puzzle Each multilayer wooden puzzle contains 4 different pictures illustrating the transformation of an egg to a rooster. Each layer consists of puzzle pieces 9 6 4 and 1 puzzle piece. Box Size 18cm x 18cm Age 3 50113 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 16 34.95 each 24.95 each DIY Jewellery Create a variety of necklaces and bracelets Size 25cm x 15cm Age 4 58550 19.95 each Push Along Monkey So entertaining and ever so popular a great toy for a child to use when they can walk. Scooting around the house with the click clacking noise of the wheels makes it so much more fun. Handle length 50cm Age 18 months to 3 year olds WT183B 24.95 each 26.95 each Farm Lacing Shapes These brightly coloured chunky lacing farm shapes can stand up for pretend play. Complete with 12 farm animals and a thread with a long wooden end making threading a little easier. Box Size 31cm x 24cm Age 3 Peg and Stack The wooden pegs can be stacked on top of one another. This is a great wooden toy for colour sorting patterning number grouping addition subtraction and height recognition. Window Box Size 22cm x 22cm Age 3 to 6 years 50051 Pull Along Caterpillar This cute wooden caterpillar pull-along toy is sure to capture your toddlers attention. This colourful little fellow makes a realistic wiggling motion as he is pulled along by his thick cord. Just like having a pet of your very own. Box Size 34cm x 8cm Age 12 months 5995OVG TB510 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 17 16.95 each 25.95 each 14.95 each Flower Press A traditional favourite for children to create pictures cards and decorations. The wooden flower press is held together with 4 ladybug screws. Encourages children to create design and appreciate nature. Size 16cm x 16cm Age 4 to 9 years NG21957B 34.95 each Adventure Authentic Fossil Kit Dig and discover the hidden fossils learn how they are formed and what they are with the information guide. Includes earthen block digging tool dusting brush magnify glass and eight page adventure guide. Box Size 22cm x 16cm Age 6 years DD093 Pull Along Chicken and Eggs This fantastic pull along toy combines a hen train and turning wooden eggs. This chicken has bright red wooden wheels three removable carriages with three removable wooden eggs. As you pull the chicken along the wheels make the eggs rotate. Box Size 37cm Length Age 3 Pull Along Chicken WT282 Face Pencils Very soft cosmetic pencil suitable for face and body skin. They are certified and safe products made of natural ingredients and high quality pigments - With genuine beeswax - Dermatologically tested - Washable - Gluten free These pigmented pencils 6.25mm allow shading even over a wide area. They have a long life and do not break. Step by step guide. Imported from Germany.Pearl Face Pencils GCPP6 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 18 34.95 each 39.95 each 29.95 each Pattern Blocks and Board This educational toy is ideal for teaching colour and shape recognition. Set contains many wooden shapes and 8 wooden pattern boards. Kids can create colourful pictures by matching the shapes to the boards or use their imagination to create their own designs. All stored in a wooden box. Size 21cm x 32cm Age 4 HU2090A Wooden Stacking Train This delightful bright colourful stacking train consists of 17 blocks in various colours and assorted shapes plus 3 carriages that can be taken apart. Children will have fun pushing the train along and stacking the blocks in different combinations. Great for developing fine motor skills and problem solving. Box Size 34cm x 10cm Age 2 WT0186 Delux Hammer Bench The pegs on the bench go up and down playing peek-a-boo on this solid wood pounding activity. Non-removable pegs. Box Size 25cm x 12cm Age 2 59719 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 19 24.95 each Kirigami Paper Balls Use the unique art form of Japanese origami paper folding and combine it with cutting to make colourful paper ball creations. There are 20 beautiful sheets of paper to cut string and instruction booklet included. A simply stunning project to create to decorate their room. Ball Size Approx. 20cm Length Size 23cm x 23cm Age 7 to 12 years DJ8765 Origami A great introduction to the art of paper folding these creative packs allows children to easily create and play afterwards. Origami sets come complete with 24 sheets of paper stickers to decorate plus instructions. Age 5-10 Origami Planes DJ8760 Origami Fortune Teller DJ8773 16.95 each 16.95 each 17.95 each Gelwax Candle Craft Set When a gel candle is made in a glass tumbler the glowing colours come out best from the translucent gel. Contents Mini Glass tumblers 3 pieces Gel wax 1 packet Wicks 3 Sand 4 colours Shells 1 assorted packet Glitter 1 sachet Instruction manual Age 8 to Adults Box Size 20cm x 20cm x 8cm 24.95 each Forest Friends Height Chart Foldable wooden height chart is beautifully crafted in a combination of colour and natural ply timber. Height from 80cm to 150cm Box Size 29cm x 30cm NG22987 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 20 29.95 each 19.95 each 26.95 each Wooden Tray Puzzle This deluxe 24 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle comes with a wooden tray for assembling. The bright colours and large chunky pieces make it perfect for little ones. Puzzle Size 27.5cm x 20cm Age 3 Safari 50198 Farm 50197 Tap A Shape Forest Friends Each wooden shape has a small hole making it easier for the nails to go through when hammered. Each nail has a rounded head and can easily be removed. Board Size 25cm x 18cm Age 4 NG2300493 Farm Stamp Puzzle A well thought out farm puzzle. It comes with a non toxic ink pad. Each puzzle pieces comes with a wooden knob making it easy for little hands. Underneath each puzzle it has the corresponding animal cut out. Age 3 Box size 32cm x 24cm TB834 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 21 49.95 set Tea Party Set This beautiful wooden tea set consists 2 cups saucers spoons forks tea bags cupcakes serving plates milk jug sugar bowl teapot with lid and serving tray. A child will have some great role play fun with this complete tea party set. Box Size 28cm x 20cm x 8cm Age 3 LBT069 Birthday Cake This gorgeous wooden cake includes cake holder candles fruit that can be removed. Slices attached by velcro for extra cutting fun. Box Size 22cm x 22cm x 9cm Age 3 TL91031 36.95 each 26.95 each Cutting Fruit 8 piece wooden cutting fruit and vegetables with chopping board and knife. Velcro between fruit pieces makes cutting this fruit seems so real. Includes a clear sliding perspex lid for storage. Size 21cm x 14cm Age 3 56290 34.95 each 34.95 each Kitchen Mixer Turn the top wooden dial to rotate the beater lift the handle on top to remove the bowl. Turn the switch with the click sound to have the machine work. Box Size 21cm x 20cm Age 350235 Coffee Maker Turn the switch with the click sound to have the machine work. Push the button on top to pour a cup of coffee. Box Size 21cm x 20cm Age 3 50234 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 22 . Small Reward Chart Make rewarding behaviours fun with the DooWell Star chart. This magnetic reward chart is suitable for one child using different rows or the numbered boxes can be used for a week for one child. Choose from the 14 suggested activities or make your own with the blank pieces provided. Comes complete with 80 magnetic pieces and handy hanging cord. Size 18cm x 18cm Imported from UK Age 3 T-2338 29.95 each Finger Puppet Jungle Friends Book Set This interactive book is colourfully-illustrated and made of durable thick card and includes 5 detailed finger puppets. Book Size 22cm x 26cm Age 18 months FPJUNG 29.95 each Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 23 14.95 Set 5 Dino Bath Squirts DINOSQ Bugs Bath Squirts BUGSSQ These ever so cute bath squirts are sure to be a favourite during bath time. Packaged in a net bag with label for gift giving. Size 9cm long Age 6 months These thick quality bath mats are made from anti-bacterial PVC plastic with suction cups on one side and a raised non-stick surface on the other side it will ensure safety in the bath or shower. The illustrations wont peel or fade and the bath mat is mould-resistant. Packaged in a lovely cylinder tube with carry handle. Mat Size 70cm x 39cm Safety PVC Bath Mats 24.95 each Sea Bath Mat SEAMAT Safari Bath Mat SFMAT Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 24 29.95 each 24.95 each Magnetic Playbooks Provide hours of imaginative play with these beautifully illustrated play books. Each book includes One fold-out A3 magnetic play board and one A4 sheet of press-out magnets. Help your child develop their imagination promote independent play develop fine motor skills and most importantly the magnetic play books are portable making them ideal for travel or busy children on the go Book Size Closed 31cm x 22cm Age 3 Enchanted Fairies 60109 Transport 60110 Animals Farm Jungle 60101 Bathtime is a great joy for most children and brilliant bath toys really add to the fun. These colourful mix and match bath stickers are full of character great for family interaction stimulating creativity and producing lots of giggles Hours of entertainment for children from age 3 years. Packaging Size 25cm x 30cm 2 dolls with 23 mix and match accessories eg mermaid fairy cowgirl nurse witch etc. Mix and match these outfits to create different fantasy characters. Wired Wonderful BTWW Fantasy World Dress Up BTFW Create your very own wacky creatures using a variety of combinations of six different animals. Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 25 Monkey Bingo Fast and fun using both pictures and words. Load the 16 various animal tiles into the crate push the monkey towards the crate and watch the two different animal pictures pop out. Each player chooses one of eight two- sided bingo cards with nine chips. The first player to get 3 in a row or fill their card is the winner Helps image word recognition matching ability. Box Size 30cm x 21cm x 10cm Age 4 LL7207 34.95 each IQ Puzzle The IQ puzzle consists of 72 x 2D challenges and 29 x 3D challenges with various levels of difficulty. Each coloured round bead set consists of 3 to 5 beads joined together in various shape formats. A very addictive game with many possibilities but only one combination fits together to complete the puzzle. Ideal Travel Game Box Size 15cm x 8cm Age 6 to Adults LL1616 19.95 each 39.95 each Train your memory increase your power of concentration and visual perception Pentago An abstract strategy game for 2 players with four 33 grids arranged into a larger 66 grid. This game re-implements the well known connect 4 with a twist. After placing a marble of his colour the player has to twist one of the grids by 90 so changing the board after every turn. The first player to get 5 in a row wins. Box Size 25cm x 25cm Age 8 LL7004 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 26 34.95 each 44.95 each uKloo The early reader fun treasure hunt game. uKloo is a childrens literacy game based on a treasure hunt where the child finds and reads clue cards placed around the house hidden by Mum and Dad who decide what cards to use and where to place them. But the little treasure hunter is too busy running for the next clue to realise their literacy skills are improving Contents 42 clue cards with three colour-coded levels of achievement a picture helper reference poster so kids can look up unfamiliar words on their own 12 blank surprise cards for your childs favourite treats events or privileges. Age 4 LL1312 31.95 each Camelot Jr Consists of a series of beautiful hardwood towers and stairs your challenge is to create a path for the knight to get to the princess. There are 48 challenges in the series ranging from easy to brain buster difficult. This is a logic game that develops thinking and fine motor skills as well as spatial insight and creative imagination. Age guide 4-8 years however older children and adults will also enjoy this. Box Size 24cm x 24cm x 6cm Age 4 to 9 years LL1611 Beat the Bear Alphabet Bingo LBB Beat the Octopus Shapes Bingo LBOCT Just like the traditional bingo game up to 4 players take turns in picking up a card from top of card deck and deciding if it can be matched on their board or the main animal board. The first to complete their board before the completion of the animal is put together wins. Who will be the first and even second winner in the race to complete their board Box Size 34cm x 25cm Age 4 Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 27 How to Draw Animals Set This kit contains everything you need to learn how to draw There are very easy step by step instructions that will have you drawing animals like a professional in no time. The set includes a How to Draw book 28 whimsical animals colour pencils sharpener eraser and a 50 page sketch pad. A perfect activity for those who are on the go as everything packs neatly inside its easy-to-carry hard book with magnetic closure. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60218 22.95 each Stopwatch Game - Beat the Clock Whether youre inside or outside at home the park or even at school our Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to get tigers interested in exploring time and beating it From keeping balloons in the air to running around the block to setting the table these fun time-based activities will delight and entertain children for hours. Great for solo play or with friends test your skills and reflexes against time with this innovative activity set. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60220 Stopwatch battery included Challenge book Handy storage box 2 balloons 1 HB pencil for recording How to Draw Girls Set Learn how to draw pretty princesses castles flowers horses deer swans mermaids cupcakes and much more. Just follow the simply step by step instructions. Set includes a 28 page book HB colour pencils 50 page sketch pad pencil sharpener and eraser. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60219 22.95 each Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 28 24.95 each Spelling Age 4-5 T-2536 Includes Wipe Dry Pen Spelling Age 5-7 T-2537 Spelling Age 7-9 T-2538 Magnetic Words Complementing the National Literacy Strategy the fun-packed double-sided Magnetic Words boards spell the end for boring word lists as children take pleasure in learning words and forming sentences. High Frequency taught words suiting various levels helping develop vocabulary and writing skills. Use a wipe dry pen 24.95 each Its reversible - turn to learn Erasable pen backing board and magnetic pieces helping children develop their understanding of fractions to colour in for visual comparable percentage decimals on reverse phonics with portions of the word to complete words and pictures on reverse and times tables are colour coded to multiply answers on reverse to work backwards. Essential learning tool and sometimes a difficult challenge our children are faced with at primary school level. Fractions Age 6-11 T-2679 Includes Wipe Dry Pen Phonics Age 4 T-2677 Includes Wipe Dry Pen Times Tables Age 6-9 T-2685 Includes Wipe Dry Pen Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 29 In todays society the market is flooded with plastic and electronic toys. Not that there isnt a place for those types of toys but rather the purpose of electronic toys is often to distract our children for a short amount of time however you will find children tire of these toys very quickly. These types of toys usually only have one purpose and cannot be used in a variety of ways often having a starting point and a single goal - to get to the end. Childs play with wooden toys is very open ended the story stretches as far as the childs creativity and imagination. Firstly we need to understand that toys are one of the first tools that enhance a childs learning and further on is the main channel through which they develop and nurture their imagination. Your child needs to interact with the toy no buttons to press where your child sits back listens or watches it entertain them these types of toys are not effective when encouraging your child to think instead over stimulates them. Wooden toys are made simple yet functional a toy that does not have any resemblance to television programs those children may have watched encouraging them to use their own imagination. For this reason children play with these types of toys over and over again. The number of different ways to play with the toy is only restricted to how well the child can use their imagination. A childs imagination is used to explore their world feelings and problems this is an important skill that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. Wooden toys are designed to offer a more educational or developmental way of learning. For example a child playing with a simple set of wooden building bricks may learn about balance shapes and may improve their fine motor skills as they build. It is important to provide toys for our children that will of course entertain but while our children are playing it is imperative that they are developing all of the important foundations for learning Fine and gross motor skills Creativity and Imagination Hand-eye co-ordination Problem solving Shape and colour recognition Wooden toys are less harmful to the environment. Did you know wood is a renewable resource which means that when you buy toys made out of wood you are not endangering the environment. Wood is biodegradable which means you wont be contributing to land fills. Lee Brouwers the BB team Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 30 5IngredientsforaPerfectParty BrightBugspartiesonlylastforaroundoneandhalfhours. 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