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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 3 Customerfeedback I am happy to do some Christmas shopping and some birthday shopping as the products are lovely and the quality is great. Its something I would not usually see if I was in a shop as it would be taken over by Transformers or Barbie toys and Im happy that Im contributing to fun and learning at the same time for a reasonable price. SalesConsultantfeedback - I get a great sense of satisfaction that I can bring quality toys and products into the lives of families. - The products are a joy to sell as they are innovative and amazing quality and at prices that everyone can enjoy. - I have been impressed with the products procedures and support of Bright Bugs management and enjoy being a Bright Bugs consultant immensely. - I love the fact that I can actually work my own hours while having absolutely NO pressure to recruit people or to meet x amount of sales per week. - I was really excited to get positive feedback from the guests as to the quality of the products I am selling from my very first party I held. This just supports me in knowing that I have made the right decision to sell the Bright Bugs products. Learning through play A beautiful range of fun educational toys and games for children Ive decided we spend too much anyway so why not just buy something that is different but quality and will be appreciated for what it is not because it has Spiderman on the side of it. Thanks for making life easier for me. Annette - QLD