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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 29 In todays society the market is flooded with plastic and electronic toys. Not that there isnt a place for those types of toys but rather the purpose of electronic toys is often to distract our children for a short amount of time however you will find children tire of these toys very quickly. These types of toys usually only have one purpose and cannot be used in a variety of ways often having a starting point and a single goal - to get to the end. Childs play with wooden toys is very open ended the story stretches as far as the childs creativity and imagination. Firstly we need to understand that toys are one of the first tools that enhance a childs learning and further on is the main channel through which they develop and nurture their imagination. Your child needs to interact with the toy no buttons to press where your child sits back listens or watches it entertain them these types of toys are not effective when encouraging your child to think instead over stimulates them. Wooden toys are made simple yet functional a toy that does not have any resemblance to television programs those children may have watched encouraging them to use their own imagination. For this reason children play with these types of toys over and over again. The number of different ways to play with the toy is only restricted to how well the child can use their imagination. A childs imagination is used to explore their world feelings and problems this is an important skill that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. Wooden toys are designed to offer a more educational or developmental way of learning. For example a child playing with a simple set of wooden building bricks may learn about balance shapes and may improve their fine motor skills as they build. It is important to provide toys for our children that will of course entertain but while our children are playing it is imperative that they are developing all of the important foundations for learning Fine and gross motor skills Creativity and Imagination Hand-eye co-ordination Problem solving Shape and colour recognition Wooden toys are less harmful to the environment. Did you know wood is a renewable resource which means that when you buy toys made out of wood you are not endangering the environment. Wood is biodegradable which means you wont be contributing to land fills. Lee Brouwers the BB team