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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 27 How to Draw Animals Set This kit contains everything you need to learn how to draw There are very easy step by step instructions that will have you drawing animals like a professional in no time. The set includes a How to Draw book 28 whimsical animals colour pencils sharpener eraser and a 50 page sketch pad. A perfect activity for those who are on the go as everything packs neatly inside its easy-to-carry hard book with magnetic closure. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60218 22.95 each Stopwatch Game - Beat the Clock Whether youre inside or outside at home the park or even at school our Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to get tigers interested in exploring time and beating it From keeping balloons in the air to running around the block to setting the table these fun time-based activities will delight and entertain children for hours. Great for solo play or with friends test your skills and reflexes against time with this innovative activity set. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60220 Stopwatch battery included Challenge book Handy storage box 2 balloons 1 HB pencil for recording How to Draw Girls Set Learn how to draw pretty princesses castles flowers horses deer swans mermaids cupcakes and much more. Just follow the simply step by step instructions. Set includes a 28 page book HB colour pencils 50 page sketch pad pencil sharpener and eraser. Book Size 25cm x 16cm x 4cm Age 5 60219 22.95 each