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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 26 34.95 each 44.95 each uKloo The early reader fun treasure hunt game. uKloo is a childrens literacy game based on a treasure hunt where the child finds and reads clue cards placed around the house hidden by Mum and Dad who decide what cards to use and where to place them. But the little treasure hunter is too busy running for the next clue to realise their literacy skills are improving Contents 42 clue cards with three colour-coded levels of achievement a picture helper reference poster so kids can look up unfamiliar words on their own 12 blank surprise cards for your childs favourite treats events or privileges. Age 4 LL1312 31.95 each Camelot Jr Consists of a series of beautiful hardwood towers and stairs your challenge is to create a path for the knight to get to the princess. There are 48 challenges in the series ranging from easy to brain buster difficult. This is a logic game that develops thinking and fine motor skills as well as spatial insight and creative imagination. Age guide 4-8 years however older children and adults will also enjoy this. Box Size 24cm x 24cm x 6cm Age 4 to 9 years LL1611 Beat the Bear Alphabet Bingo LBB Beat the Octopus Shapes Bingo LBOCT Just like the traditional bingo game up to 4 players take turns in picking up a card from top of card deck and deciding if it can be matched on their board or the main animal board. The first to complete their board before the completion of the animal is put together wins. Who will be the first and even second winner in the race to complete their board Box Size 34cm x 25cm Age 4