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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 17 16.95 each 25.95 each 14.95 each Flower Press A traditional favourite for children to create pictures cards and decorations. The wooden flower press is held together with 4 ladybug screws. Encourages children to create design and appreciate nature. Size 16cm x 16cm Age 4 to 9 years NG21957B 34.95 each Adventure Authentic Fossil Kit Dig and discover the hidden fossils learn how they are formed and what they are with the information guide. Includes earthen block digging tool dusting brush magnify glass and eight page adventure guide. Box Size 22cm x 16cm Age 6 years DD093 Pull Along Chicken and Eggs This fantastic pull along toy combines a hen train and turning wooden eggs. This chicken has bright red wooden wheels three removable carriages with three removable wooden eggs. As you pull the chicken along the wheels make the eggs rotate. Box Size 37cm Length Age 3 Pull Along Chicken WT282 Face Pencils Very soft cosmetic pencil suitable for face and body skin. They are certified and safe products made of natural ingredients and high quality pigments - With genuine beeswax - Dermatologically tested - Washable - Gluten free These pigmented pencils 6.25mm allow shading even over a wide area. They have a long life and do not break. Step by step guide. Imported from Germany.Pearl Face Pencils GCPP6