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Bright Bugs Australia Pty Ltd Page 14 14.95 Set 2 31.95 each Tool Box Your apprentice builder can practice their fine motor skills winding the nut and washers onto the assembly boards. Includes wooden box with carry handle saw ruler 2 hammers flat head screwdriver spanner pegs screws and washers. Box Size 14cm x 28cm Age 3 HU012 24.95 each 44.95 each Car Carrier Includes 4 cars and features a ramp that opens and closes. Drive the cars up close the ramp to complete the 2 levels of the carrier ready to transport. Box Size 40cm x 9cm x 10cm Age 2 WT253 14.95 each Owl Tooth Brush Timer Holder A clever wooden toy designed to encourage children to brush their teeth. It is also just cute This useful toy has an egg timer attached to it which lasts approx 3 minutes to help your little one to time how long to brush their teeth. There is also a holder on the back so they can store their brush when they have finished. Girl Set OWL01-G Boy Set OWL02-B You will receive 2 different colours. Boy sets will not receive pink. Large Wiggly Worm Each part of the toy is movable and held together with elastic so you can bend turn it and put it in all sorts of positions. Box Size 25cm Age 18 months LBT083 Stacking Rocket Blocks When all of the blocks are stacked together they form a rocket. This wooden toy is perfect for teaching both colours and shapes. Box Size 18cm x 10cm x 10cm Age 12 months NG22183